NBA Live 08 is last year's basketball game from EA Sports
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NBA Live 08 is last year's basketball game from EA Sports. NBA Live 08 had no competition whatsoever last year, so it best crowned the best basketball game on the PC. However, this year NBA 2K9 made its grand debut on PC. NBA Live 08 followed the line of its previous games. The game featured great graphics all throughout. The players were highly detailed and the stadiums and the people in them looked great, too. Players even had sweat coming down their faces and their jerseys got wet. You have to give them some kudoz for that. However, the gameplay sucked so bad that it made the whole game a 10-minute experience for me. Players seemed to float around the court. Not a single bit of contact could be felt by me when I drove to the basket. The stars' jump shots were similar to those of the stars, but once the ball was released, it seemed to be on a fixed trajectory to either the center of the rim, or the backboard. The game featured impossible dunks and layups and blocks were so unrealistic. I don't have anything against flashy moves, but when I play a sports game, I want it to be a simulation, not an NBA Jam game. These problems are present in all the game modes, some of which could be fun.

José Fernández
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  • Nice graphics


  • Weak gameplay
  • Unreal
  • Missing physics
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